Cloud Enablement

Turbocharge Your Digital Journey By Transforming Your Legacy Apps

Cloud Enablement

Turbocharge your digital journey by transforming your legacy apps

Cloud Enablement Services & Systems
For Your Company

Cloud Enablement Services & Systems For Your Company

As a cloud-first attitude becomes pervasive, and not just popular, companies must ensure that every cloud enablement box is ticked. Gartner predicts that more than 95% of all new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms by 2025. In addition, 85% of companies will adopt the cloud-first principle within the same timeframe, increasing the integration of cloud-native architectures and technologies. However, their plans to explore new revenue streams, reduce operational costs, and increase agility and scalability will not succeed without leveraging disruptive cloud patterns and benefits to deliver new-age resilient services and systems.

For those that are yet to start their cloud journey, the challenge is less about letting go of legacy infrastructure and processes, and more about making the digital experiences that cloud creates the primary focus.

What We Do

Seamless Cloud Enablement Solutions To Support Real Business Needs.

The ubiquitous nature of the cloud means that companies need to be aware of what needs to be done and when. Simply migrating to the cloud won’t solve the business need. Ensuring that the cloud solution is resilient, optimized, automated, and compatible with other cloud environments will be equally important.

Ariginal offers a comprehensive set of cloud-enablement services ranging from strategy, design and testing, to migration, integration, deployment and ongoing support. These services are tailored to address the needs of different organizations, their industry, and their level of cloud maturity.

End-To-End Cloud Strategy Services

We support a variety of use cases

Deployment Automation

Deploy and execute cloud operations via a zero-touch continuous progressive deployment framework


Manage and provision infrastructure as code, increasing your ability to both keep up with demand and achieve cost reductions

Progressive Delivery

Plan and execute the product lifecycle through a series of iterative changes, utilizing Shift Left concepts and prioritization


Prototype-to-production process that covers Agile development practice, security, 100% automation and operational practices

Site Reliability Engineering

End-to-end, application-focused Site Reliability Engineering services to ensure hyper-agility, high availability, zero disruption, and control over cloud landscape

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Accelerate migration to public cloud with a structured, holistic, and agile migration factory approach

Multi-cloud Enablement

Evaluate customer requirements by taking a cloud-agnostic approach to platforms and provider

Hybrid-cloud Enablement

Spread sensitive and non-critical workloads across both private and public cloud environments, ensuring flexible migration and effective cost management

Chaos Engineering

Eliminate potential inefficiencies by identifying, planning, testing, and executing failure-point experiments throughout the product lifecycle

Why Ariginal

  • From strategy and planning, through implementation and training Services

Proven track record of multiple successful Implementations

Agile global teams with a large pool of certified engineers

R&D investment for new/next-generation technology, dedicated labs/Centers of Excellence

Our Cloud Partners

The Outcomes We Deliver

Ariginal cloud enablement services deliver significant business advantages, tailored to each customer’s unique needs.


The cloud’s pay-for-what-you-use model allows companies to be both scalable and flexible in their business objectives, optimizing workloads and maximizing resources

Speed-To Market

Cloud-first platforms and enablement tools create a culture of innovation and an accelerated product lifecycle


One-click backup and recovery capabilities minimize downtime, ensure consistent business operations and continued functionality in the face of potential adversity


Seamless migration and transformational strategies provide greater operational efficiency across defined business verticals

Security & Compliance

Built-in security features with specialized cloud security tools and compliance with global laws and regulations, ensuring that data and relevant information are protected at all times