Our Ventures

Our Ventures

20+ Years Of Journey And Counting

The ever-changing market has given rise to digital transformations, and more companies, organizations are looking for relevant and innovative service providers to improve their performance. iVedha helps address these through its ventures which evolved through innovations and time, keeping in mind the interests of clients and industries as always.

As the third wave of digital transformation takes shape, being a Futuristic Cloud Forward-Thinking provider and being client obsessed is at the core of what we offer through our Cloud First, API First, AI/ML Ops First, and Security First approach through our ventures. Also, being a vendor and technology agnostic service provider, we embrace OpenSource technologies to offer total freedom and control to our clients.

Backed by more than two decades of experience as the professional services partner of choice for several businesses, we empower them on their digital transformation journey at different levels through disruptive technologies in helping them Connect, Manage, Secure, and Monetize their data.

With a mission to drive end-to-end digital transformation through emerging technologies, our experts focus on innovation, agility, and customer satisfaction with the foundation of trust, reliability, and professionalism.

Our Ventures


iVedha, a NextGen software-powered global professional services and managed hybrid cloud services provider, offers Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) for enterprises to accelerate the adoption of cloud services. Backed by more than two decades of experience as the professional services partner of choice for several businesses.

Open Storage Solutions

Open Storage Solutions are specialists in Data Protection, Storage and Recovery. Open Storage Solutions provides Cloud Solutions to empower your business. Our experts help you develop a roadmap for your cloud-based strategy. We’ll help you define a strategy that will allow you to pre-empt your on-premises infrastructure challenges.


Aytra is a Cloud Infrastructure API Management Platform. It is a next generation game-changer platform built with the service
providers in mind a platform that will transform your business. It provides services like All-in-one Service Management, Account Management, Provider Management, and Financial Center.

Capital Blockchain

Capital Blockchain is a company established in 2018 that deals with everything regarding blockchain. Comprising of a team of industry experts with a vision for the future, Capital Blockchain provides exceptional services to its clients regarding your every need related to blockchain.


MLSoft automates building, optimization, deployment, and maintenance of Machine Learning Models for your business. Machine Learning model development is an iterative process, good model building depends on suitable preceding tasks – which include data cleansing, balancing, and normalization.


Tsunati is an Innovative Data Protection Services Company that you can count on. Specializing in Data Protection, Cloud Computing, and Multi-Tenant Virtualization. Tsunati delivers the HOW on what vendors have sold you so that investment doesn’t become a sunken cost.

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