Cloud Migration Services

A Structured Agile Approach For Optimal Cloud Infrastructure Migration

Cloud Migration Services

A Structured Agile Approach For Optimal Cloud Infrastructure Migration​

Cloud Migration

Ariginal helps enterprises accelerate their digital journey with a seamless, secure, and cost-optimized approach to cloud migration.

With our deep expertise in cloud, Ariginal enables enterprises to accelerate their migration to public cloud with a structured, holistic, and agile migration factory approach. We ensure a scalable, highly available, secure, and agile cloud infrastructure environment tailored to your needs, including automated infrastructure management and monitoring.

Transforming Your Business On The Cloud

Despite the apparent benefits of moving to the cloud, migrating parts of your business can be a huge challenge if not approached properly.

The lack of a clear migration strategy and plan can create ongoing problems before moving ahead. Security concerns are also an important issue both in the application development and production process. Sensitive data also needs to have the proper controls in place. Lastly, you need to have an understanding of the true cost of your cloud migration process and ongoing infrastructure and services.

End-To-End Cloud Migration Services

We support a variety of use cases

On-Premise To Cloud Migration

  • Migrate infrastructure, applications, data, and tools from on-premise data centers to any cloud.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs with a subscription-based, pay-as-you-go model as you scale.
  • Leverage the power, scalability, and agility of the cloud; inherit the data security of a private cloud.
  • Ensure interoperability between on-premise and public cloud; easily move applications and data.

Cloud-To-Cloud Migration

  • Migrate existing cloud infrastructure to any cloud platform.
  • Leverage the power, scalability, and agility of the Public Cloud.
  • Reduce cloud computing costs, increase your IT staff’s productivity and reduce downtime.

Our Cloud Migration Engagements Involve A Three-Step Process

Step 1

Discovery And Assessment

  • Discovery workshop
  • Data collection
  • Analyze data
  • Determine migration
  • treatments
  • Move group
  • identification

Step 2

Migration Treatments

  • Rehost – infrastructure itself can migrated as a lift and shift
  • Re-Platform – setting up Greenfield infrastructure on cloud and perform app/data migration
  • Re-Purchase – purchasing off-the-shelf products on cloud
  • Re-Factor – application containerization / serverless

Step 2

Migration Execution

  • Architecture assessment
  • Landing zone design
  • Design approval
  • Migration wave / sprint plan
  • Migrate and validate
  • Post migration review

Our Expertise

Our expertise with the latest cloud platforms & tools

Ariginal has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading visual design tools on the market. We can help you take full advantage of these tools to maximize your ROI with them.

Why Ariginal

  • Discovery and assessment
  • Strategizing and deciding on migration treatments
  • Architecture design for target infrastructure
  • Workload migration
  • Operational readiness review
  • Transition to operations

Dedicated infrastructure migration experts with hands-on experience working with multiple cloud services (AWS, Azure and GCP) and selecting the best approach for migrating different types of workloads from on premise / private cloud for both large Fortune 500 enterprises and fast-growing SMBs

With expertise in designing, building, migrating and optimizing the target state cloud architecture ensuring best practices and well-architected assessment

To ensure a fast and seamless migration

Making management and maintenance easier and more cost-effective

  • Auto-scaled compute platforms for microservice applications
  • Dedicated tools for overcoming max connection issues
  • Auto Scaled workers for AWS-SQS
  • Cognito federated identity FB/Gmail/Custom/User Pool/SAML

Our Cloud Partners

The Outcomes We Deliver

Seamless migration for secure, cost-effective, & future-ready infrastructure

Cost Savings

The ability to optimize workloads results in significant savings in resource, maintenance, and other areas such as infrastructure and software licensing.

Flexibility & Scalability

With the cloud’s pay-per-use model, organizations pay only for the resources they use, freeing them from maintaining IT assets that they may only use occasionally.

Simplified Management

With centralized monitoring and orchestration tools.

Enhanced Security & Resilience

With built-in security features, specialized cloud security tools, and built-in, one-click backup and recovery capabilities.